Weekly Commentary: Hamas Cannot Be Moderated By Economic Improvement -

Policy Ramifications


By: Dr. Aaron Lerner
Independent Media Review Analysis
Date: August 22, 2019


A key goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel.

This is reflected by the fact that the Hamas regimes has consistently opted

to devote its resources on "guns" rather than "butter".

They give priority to building attack tunnels over building housing.

And their massive engagement in weapons production serves to drive

restrictions on the supply of dual use material.

Any politician suggesting that programs to improve the economic situation in

Gaza will change this is either clueless or cynical.

Why cynical?

Because while Hamas does indeed want to destroy the Jewish State it has


It could very well be that the implementation of projects and policies which

facilitate the acceleration of Hamas' preparation for war will bring

temporary quiet.

The same kind of quiet these same politicians typically brag about when they

talk about Lebanon.  Yes, Lebanon.  Home to over a hundred thousand

missiles - which are now being upgraded - all thanks to the "quiet".

To be clear, this is not to say that we shouldn't seek ways to improve the

situation in the Gaza Strip.

Just that we must not deceive ourselves that such a development would

address the threat that Hamas represents.