A Bad Iran Deal

It is not enforceable, verifiable or in America's national security interest


Washington, DC (July 13, 2015) - Today, the Republican Jewish Coalition released the following statement from RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks about the announced agreed framework for a nuclear deal with Iran:


"This deal meets zero of the criteria for a good deal - it is not enforceable, verifiable, or in America's national security interest.  Unless Congress stops it, the world will be less safe as the United States will remove sanctions on Iran, and in return, Iran will still pursue nuclear weapons.  The Republican Jewish Coalition calls on all members of Congress to reject this deal.


 If it passes, it will mark a low point for American foreign relations and worldwide security.  Several of the issues not included in this deal - inspections anytime, anywhere, adequate and timely disclosure of Iran's nuclear history, renouncing terrorism and the maintenance of the ballistic missile and conventional weapons bans - keep this from being a workable agreement.  Iran cannot be trusted and their word means little without resolving these issues.  It is amazing how far President Obama has moved from his original position that Iran must dismantle its nuclear weapons program.  The President is making a huge mistake."