Abusing the Term ‘Fascism’ in Relation to Israel

By Isi Leibler

July 26, 2016

It is now a worldwide phenomenon that left-wingers and increasing numbers of liberals chant the mantra that Israel is led by extremists and becoming transformed into a full-fledged fascist state. Unfortunately, such unadulterated nonsense is expressed daily and is highlighted in Haaretz, the Israeli post-Zionist daily newspaper, illustrating the primitive measures even Jewish opponents of our government are willing to take in order to demonize the Jewish state.

Their defamation includes accusations of war crimes and deliberate killing of children, applying apartheid to the Arab Israeli minority, suppressing freedom of expression and maintaining an occupation and denying Palestinian statehood. In a nutshell -- a fascist regime.

Joseph Goebbels demonstrated that if one constantly repeats false propaganda without responses, people begin to accept the lies as truths.

My objective, without suggesting that we are perfect, is to briefly identify and rebut such lies and demonstrate that there is no country in the world that surpasses the level of democracy by which Israel is governed.

In addition, the extraordinary success of Israel’s democratic system is all the more impressive because it was achieved despite facing three major obstacles:

But the drumbeat of demonization and delegitimization ignores these factors:

To sum up, despite the overwhelming challenges, Israel remains one of the liveliest democracies in the world.

Little can be done to change the behavior of our enemies. The anti-Semitic Islamists, the delusionary Left and conventional anti-Semites will continue to pursue, through the hostile media and the internet, the perennial accusation that Jews – or today, the Jewish state -- are the source of all evil.

What is disconcerting is that with U.S. President Barack Obama’s encouragement, much of this propaganda is beginning to penetrate American liberal circles, including some people who were deeply supportive of Israel. This already includes the left wing of the Democratic Party and there are ominous signals that bipartisanship in the U.S. may not survive the onslaught.

It is thus essential to constantly speak out and refute the lies and communicate with open-minded liberals, especially young people, to prevent them from being drawn into the left-wing anti-Israeli maelstrom where they can be brainwashed into believing the lies about Israelis becoming fascists. That will not be achieved by remaining silent or obsessively maintaining a bipartisan relationship by accepting the lowest common denominator.