Democrats Allow Anti-Semitism to Spread with their Weak Resolution

By Ronna McDaniel

The Hill

March 9, 2019


Democrats owe the American people an apology after the House passed the watered down resolution against hate speech. Their refusal to directly condemn anti-Semitism in their ranks is shameful and troubling. Instead they continue to downplay comments and make excuses for their peers.

A flurry of top Democrats have come forward in defense of Ilhan Omar, including Bernie SandersKamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren. Just this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Omar “may not understand the full weight of her words.”¯ Make no mistake, Omar knows exactly what she is saying. However, the muted outcry of the Democrats in response to the frequent anti-Semitic tropes from Omar and others should tell us a lot about the seismic anti-Israel shift taking place within their party today.

The anti-Israel comments are not new. In 2012, Omar tweeted that Israel has “hypnotized the world.”¯ Just a few weeks ago, she argued that members of Congress who support Israel were bought and paid for by Jewish money. Just last week, she accused American supporters of Israel as having an “allegiance to a foreign country.”¯ Time and again we see her deeply held anti-Semitic beliefs on full display. When Omar is called out for her repeated anti-Semitic comments, she pivots to attacking Israel, which, let us be clear, is nothing more than code for anti-Semitism.

Not only do Democrats refuse to directly condemn her comments, their leadership gave her a spot on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the very panel that oversees our diplomatic relationships with, among others, Israel. Our country may give her the right to believe as she would like, but Congress has a duty to ensure that those beliefs do not jeopardize United States national security interests or lead the Israeli people to question our commitment to their nation. It was not long ago that supporting Israel and unequivocally denouncing anti-Semitism was considered to be apolitical. However, Democrats now defend their colleagues who use this rhetoric to attack one of our most steadfast American allies. This cannot be tolerated.

Unfortunately, this trend of anti-Semitic tropes on the left is hardly unique to Omar. Democrats failed to denounce Keith Ellison for his unapologetic associations with Louis Farrakhan, who believes Jews are “satanic”¯ and who once called Adolf Hitler a “very great man.”¯ Democrats seemed to have no issue when their members embraced Linda Sarsour, who chaired the Women’s March and has been accused of anti-Semitism. They said nothing when it was revealed that Rashida Tlaib wrote a column in favor of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement several years ago in a publication run by Farrakhan himself. It has become incredibly clear that Democrats have allowed anti-Semitism to exist without condemnation.

All anti-Semitic statements need to be condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike. The watered down House resolution serves only as a gateway for anti-Semitic tropes to rage on among the Democrats. Their failure to singularly denounce anti-Semitism will not go unnoticed by Jews and all Americans who have been following along. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. Fool us repeatedly, shame on you all.