Mossad Chief: ISIS Out, Iran In

By Ami Rojkes Dombe

Israel Defense

August 13, 2017


During a security briefing to cabinet ministers, the head of Israel's spy agency, the Mossad warns that as the Islamic State terrorist group is beaten back, Iran and its proxies are rushing in to take over its territory, primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.  

"Iran is acting to encroach on any territory relinquished by ISIS," Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen told the ministers. He added that Iran has also not given up its aspirations to become a nuclear threshold state and that the nuclear agreement between the two powers and Iran only reinforces this trend and is strengthening Iranian aggression in the region. 

Cohen also said that since the signing of the nuclear agreement (the JCPOA), Iran has seen a spark in economic growth and new international agreements only further strengthen its economy.   

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that this constitutes clear proof that the basic assumptions in the agreement with Iran were wrong in the first place. Netanyahu further stated that Israel was not a party to the agreement, nor is it bound by its terms.  

"Israel will continue to act determinedly and in a variety of ways to defend itself from these threats," said the Prime Minister, and offered praise to Cohen and the activities of the Mossad.