The mutually-beneficial, two-way-street US-Israel ties

Yoram Ettinger

The Ettinger Report

February 06, 2015

Please watch the 6 minute bullet video:

Conventional wisdom suggests that US-Israel ties constitute a one-way-street: The US gives and Israel receives. However, in recent years the one-way-street has been transformed into a two-way-street, mutually-beneficial, win-win set of ties:

1.  US special operations units trained in Israel before arrival to Iraq and Afghanistan;
2.  Israel armor plating technology protects US soldiers;
3.  Israel is a cost-effective, battle-tested laboratory for the US defense industries;
4.  Israel provides the US more intelligence than all NATO countries combined;
5.  US battle tactics formulated according to the Israeli playbook;
6.  Israel is a strategic beachhead of the US in the Middle East;
7.  Israel is the largest US aircraft carrier, which doesn't require a single US boot on board;

Israel is the only stable, reliable, predictable, capable, democratic and unconditional ally of the US, willing to flex its muscle.