Plurality of Democrats Say United States is ‘Too Supportive’ of Israel

By Philip Klein

Washington Examiner

March 26, 2019


As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to reassure attendees to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual conference that her party backed Israel, a new poll finds that a plurality of Democrats say that the United States is "too supportive" of our longtime ally.

According to a Quinnipiac poll, 38 percent of Democrats said that the U.S. was "too supportive" of Israel, compared with 30 percent who said the relationship between the two countries was about right and just 11 percent who said the U.S. wasn't supportive enough. In contrast, just 8 percent of Republicans said the U.S. was "too supportive," compared to the 67 percent who said the current relationship was "about right," and 19 percent who said the U.S. was not supportive enough.

The differences between the two parties was even more pronounced on the question of with which side people sympathize. While Democrats were closely divided (sympathizing with Israelis over Palestinians by a narrow 27 percent to 26 percent), Republicans sympathized with Israel 78 percent to just three percent, or a dramatic 26-to-1 margin.

The stark and widening contrast among the two parties, apparent in polls for awhile, is starting to manifest itself in policy.

While former President Barack Obama was at odds with Israel for much of his presidency, President Trump has pursued the most pro-Israel policies of any U.S. administration in history. Meanwhile, more and more Democrats have adopted a hostile posture toward Israel, even to the point of normalizing anti-Semitism by dishonestly laundering it as mere criticism of Israel.