Poll: More than Half Expect Iran to Break Deal

By Rebecca Kheel

The Hill

September 14, 2015

More than half of Americans think Iran will violate the terms of the nuclear agreement, according to a new CNN/ORC poll released Monday.

Should Iran violate the deal, 64 percent said America should respond with military action.

In addition, a majority disapproves of the way President Obama is handling the U.S. relationship with Iran, according to the poll, which looked at a variety of domestic and international issues.

The deal would lift economic sanctions on Iran in return for limits on its nuclear program. The agreement is likely to go into effect next month after opponents in the Senate failed to muster enough votes to prevent Obama from carrying it out.

The Senate plans to take up the issue again this week, but at least two Democrats will need to switch their votes for a resolution disapproving the deal to move forward.

The nuclear accord is facing widespread skepticism from the public.

The CNN/ORC poll, which surveyed 1,012 adults by phone, found that 49 percent want Congress to reject the Iran pact.

Thirty-seven percent said they think itís extremely likely Iran will violate the deal, while 23 percent think itís very likely. Only 10 percent think it is unlikely Iran will violate the deal.

Along party lines, 83 percent of Republicans think itís likely Iran will break the deal, while 58 percent of independents and 44 percent of Democrats do.

Also, 59 percent said they disapprove of the way Obama is handling Iran, while 37 percent said they approve.

Almost half of respondents, 49 percent, said they think Iran is a very serious threat, while just 7 percent said they think Iran is not a threat at all.