Letter to Washington Jewish Week

I realize the WJW is free to print whatever political views it wishes, but more balance would probably be appreciated by many readers during this elections season. The “Opinions” column last week contained two items – an outright endorsement of President Obama’s policies toward Israel by Lanny Davis. Underneath we found Democrat columnist Douglas Bloomfield attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu for “meddling in the American elections” and using Iran as an excuse for not making peace with the Palestinians. At the top of the “Voices” page, we had a “Rabbi for Obama” lambasting Romney while praising Obama. While the second column on this page was a reasoned analysis by Democratic Senator Ben Cardin on the effects of sequestration on Israel, he understandably had to put in a plug for the President at the end.

As a regular WJW reader and an independent voter, I would find it most refreshing if WJW sought greater diversity in the “Opinions” and “Voices” it prints each week.

-Morrie Amitay

Washington, DC.