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Advisory Board Members

Our Advisory Board Members represent all areas of the United States, but share a common concern for the well-being of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Members are eligible for Advisory Board membership by contributing a minimum of $1,000 each year, with some contributing the allowable maximum donation of $5,000 per year! 

Their donation entitles them to a host of benefits, including being listed on our PAC letterhead, and receiving invitations to attend our many Advisory Board luncheons held throughout the year. At each luncheon we host prominent Senators and Representatives who, like our Members, have demonstrated their consistently strong support of Israel.

We are grateful for their continued contributions, and we hope that their names will be joined by many others.


Stephen Amitay

Peter Barash

Max Berry

Rudy Boschwitz

Nina Cohen

N.J. "Sky" Cooper

Ted Dinerstein

Roger Dreeben

Alex Dubin

Robert Eder

Fred Ehrman

Gary Erlbaum

Halley Faust

Sig Feiger

Michael Franzblau

Ed Goldenberg

Eugene Grant

Jerry Green

Marshal Greenblatt

Marvin Haas

Perry Hookman

David Justman

Lawrence Kadish

Miriam Karash

Joshua Katzen

Jay Kislak

Jonathan Kislak

Marvin Klemow

Joshua Landes

Greg Leisch

Randall Levitt

Zvie Liberman

Marcel Lindenbaum

Jon Loew

Martin Mendelsohn

Larry Mizel

Michael Nachman

Frank Paulson

Steve Perles

Mark Posin

Lief Rosenblatt

Howard Rosenbloom

Nina Rosenwald

Joseph Saka

Dan Schaefer

Saul Schweber

Howard Schultz

Maury Seldin

Larry Siedlick 

Frank Silbey

Stuart Sloame

Phillip L. Spector

Sheldon Stein

David Steinmann

Martin Sterenbuch

George Stern

Steven D. Stone 

Elliot R. Wolff



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