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The Washington PAC frequently posts articles and writings to educate and inform the public about the importance of the US-Israel relationship. The publications include:

Articles of Interest

These articles are culled from the various publications and media sources reporting on Israel. Items are posted on a regular basis (often several times a week) and e-mailed to PAC Members. If you wish to receive these e-mails, please e-mail us with your request.

Morrie's Writings

Morrie is a highly-sought speaker, contributes articles to various publications, and has published innumerable letters to the editor correcting skewed coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict and American Jewish politics. Here you will find a small sample of his works.

Links and Maps

For more information, the Washington PAC recommends links to several websites, as well as maps, to further the education of those who are concerned with Israel-related affairs.



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